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Thinking about reupholstering an old stool? Check out this DIY project where I took an old beat up stool and refurbished it to almost brand new!

So I was driving home and saw this beat up looking shop stool tossed out by the side of the road. Needing one for my own shop I looked it over and decided it was totally fixable, so I threw it in my car and headed for home.

As you can see, the upholstery is all torn, the seat itself is broken, and whats left of the padding is pathetic.

1) The first thing I did was take out all the hardware, which was actually just eight nuts. Four holding the seat on the frame, and the four holding the frame to the base. Then I tossed the old seat in the trash, and gave the rest a good cleaning.

2) Next I cut a new seat outta some 3/4 wood I had in my scrap wood pile.


3) Then I made a run to Hobby Lobby to buy some foam cushion and 1/2 a yard of black seat material. Now the original stool only had about 1/2″ of padding in it…well since I’m in charge of this rebuild, I decided to upgrade to 3″! : D

4) I cut the cushion to size then glued it on the ‘seat’.

5) Now I have never upholstered anything before and since it was just going to stay in my shop I just wrapped it up like I would a present and use my heavy duty stapler to staple it all down.


6) Now I just put the frame back on the base with the four nuts I removed earlier, then flipped the stool upside down and drilled in four screws into the bottom of the seat through the frame holes. The original four screws were too worn out to reuse, so I just grabbed some new ones. If you ever run into a similar situation just be sure to use the correct length of screw…the last thing you want is to use too long of a screw and have it poke you the next time you take a seat. ; )


Awesome! Just like new.

Total Time: 30 Mins
Total Cost: $13

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