Didn’t you know? Every shop needs a mascot! Check out this fun DIY project where I built a mascot for my wood shop!

Browsing around Pinterest (of course) I stumbled across this guy….


Oh my gosh, I love him.

So when I got home that evening I decided I desperately needed one for my shop.

1) I grabbed a random piece of scrap wood and gave it a quick coat of paint. Then I grabbed a throw away paint brush and randomly splattered some paint all over it.2) I drank a couple beers in order to get caps for the eyes. Yeah I know <– tough step


Turns out most caps have a silver belly except for Miller, which has a yellow belly. So if you are making one, know you have an option here.

3) Next I looked around my shop and found two nuts with a built in lock washer. I don’t know what the technical term of these are….lock nuts?…well whatever. I liked them because it almost looks like lashes. So I used them then found two bronze button head screws then used my drill to put them all together.

WilkerDon’t: The first one I did, I drilled the screw into the bottle cap first then tried to screw the whole assembly into place on the piece of wood, and it just made it more difficult than it needed to be. So the next one I did, I put everything together right where I wanted it on the wood then drilled the screw in. Both ways worked, but it’s easier to get the placement where you want it by doing it the second way.


4) The bottle caps do a good job holding up the paint brush, but still, I used some wood glue and glued the paint brush into place.

5) I didn’t want ears for mine so I just picked out a place on my shop wall and hung him up.


But then I thought….well what good is a mascot if he can’t cheer you on?

6) So I bought a small dry erase board and drew a thought bubble.

7) I used a jigsaw to cut it all out, then used the double side tape that came with the board to put it up on the wall.

and BAM! I now have a shop mascot that says very supporting things (most of the time). I named him Harvey and I love him.

Total Time: 45 mins
Total Cost: $3 (not including the beer) : )

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