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About Me

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Hey there, my name is April and I’m the writer of Wilker Do’s.

I guess you can call me a Maker, or a DIYer, or a Woodworker but regardless of the label, I make stuff that I want/need instead of buying it or hiring it out. It’s my goal to be able to look around my home and it be hard to find something I didn’t do with my own two hands. Of course, I still have a ways to go….; )

When I started this blog in February of 2013 I had never used a power tool before. I didn’t grow up working on things, or take a shop class in high school. But! when I couldn’t afford to buy the things I wanted for around the house, I decided to try my hand at making them and dove head first into building. Now three years later, even though I’m now in the position to buy the things I need, I much prefer to build them.

Shortly after I started making things, I started putting together a written how-to so that I could pass along information to anybody else that was interested in doing the same project. Well one thing led to another and a year later I started making video tutorials as well! I put together free tutorials on anything and everything I do. I stick to building the things I want or need in my life but I bring a camera along because sharing the information on how I completed a project has become just as big of an obsession as doing the actual projects.

I hope you are able to find a project here that inspires you to pick up a tool you didn’t think you could use and build something you didn’t think you could build. You can. Don’t be afraid just because you don’t know how (yet). Be cautious and safe, but if you have the motivation to build something, then take it one step at a time and even if it takes you a week to build a box, you should still build that box.

Personal Life:

I’m a born and bred Texas girl who grew up on the coast, but now live in Fort Worth and am married to a very impressive fella named Cody. He is one of those types that knows a lot about a lot and is incredibly handy although he prefers to work on things with a motor and lots of horsepower. ; ) We won’t have children running around our household for another few years, but we do have a little herd of rescue animals that are keeping us company in the mean time. ; )

Thanks for checking out the blog!