Picnic Table with Detached Benches Plans


Here is an easy to follow set of plans on how to build a picnic table with detached benches! Measurements are in Imperial units. Included are:

  • 15 pages showing all dimensions used to create the Picnic Table
  • Color coordinated drawing views to help keep track of cut material
  • Fully dimensioned cut list
  • Material Shopping List

Check out the full build tutorial video HERE


  1. Bill Ley (verified owner)

    I paid for the plans of the picnic table and there is no download area on your website ! Just a bunch of adds not related! Really poor for selling something as simple as a set of plans! You are being bombarded and that is not fair to you!

  2. Kelvin Kellner (verified owner)

    Solid plans. Comes with handy material list, multiple angles of cuts and assembly. Exactly the quality I was hoping for 🙂

    Also, regarding the other review from Bill Ley, I am assuming they did not know where to look. To download the plans I clicked on My Account up at the top, then I clicked the Downloads tab, and clicked on the link under the Download column.

  3. Dragomir Cristina (verified owner)

    I think I have a problem. I hope you can help me. I need measurments in meters or centimeters. Thanks for the help.

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