Large Chicken Coop (With Storage) Plans

Ever wanted to build a chicken coop hotel? Now you can! Buy a set of these detailed plans, which include a materials list and cut list. The overall dimensions for this chicken coop are: 26’L x 9’W x9.4’H.

These detailed plans are in imperial units. The following is included in the plan:

  • The plan in a downloadable PDF format with 52 detailed pages.
  • Materials list.
  • Layout diagrams for all material cuts and dimensions.



The chicken coop plans and project were designed and developed by April Wilkerson.

To receive your plans:
1. After your order is placed, you will receive a thank you message with a link to download the plans
2. You will also receive an email receipt with a link to download the plans
Watch the full YouTube video on this project here:


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