Well I’m side stepping from the shop for this week’s video to bring you this bath caddy. It’s made from spare walnut I had left over from the DIY kitchen table I finished earlier last year. I first designed the bath caddy in SketchUp which really helps me to visualize my work before cutting any material. Even if I’m not working with something as precious as walnut, I still prefer this method of making my ideas come to life. Check out the video down below if you haven’t already to see this project take shape. I had a load of fun building it to custom fit my Chromebook, Kindle, iPhone, and a glass of wine – you know, all the essentials for a long soak in the tub. : )

Things I used in this project:

ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Cross Cut Sled
Drop Off Platform
Titebond III Woodglue
Glue Brush

Track Saw
Super Jaws
Belt Sander
Dust Right Separator
Small Port Hose Kit
T Track Slots
Minwax Spar Urethane: Bench Cookies

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