How To Make A DIY Walnut Bath Caddy

Thinking about making your own DIY walnut bath caddy? Check out this DIY project where I built my own bath caddy, using walnut! Great build!

Well I’m side stepping from the shop for this week’s video to bring you this bath caddy. It’s made from spare walnut I had left over from the DIY kitchen table I finished earlier last year. I first designed the bath caddy in SketchUp which really helps me to visualize my work before cutting any material. Even if I’m not working with something as precious as walnut, I still prefer this method of making my ideas come to life. Check out the video down below if you haven’t already to see this project take shape. I had a load of fun building it to custom fit my Chromebook, Kindle, iPhone, and a glass of wine – you know, all the essentials for a long soak in the tub. : )

Things I Used In This DIY Walnut Bath Caddy Project:

ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Cross Cut Sled
Drop Off Platform
Titebond III Woodglue
Glue Brush

Track Saw
Super Jaws
Belt Sander
Dust Right Separator
Small Port Hose Kit
T Track Slots
Minwax Spar Urethane: Bench Cookies

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