I’ve been wanting to build a new bathroom vanity since I moved into the house. This week I finally took the time to model one on the computer and start making it happen. The build was moving along perfectly until it came time for the moulding on the drawer fronts and I realized I do not own the router bit needed to create the profile I’m interested in! No worries; I got the bit on order and amazon promises to have it to me tomorrow : ) Check out the build video down below if you haven’t already and be sure to stay tuned in for part two where I remove the old one and install this complete Oak unit. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Things I used in this build:


Track Saw
ISOTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Dado Stack
Brass Gauge Blocks
Orange Push Pad
Titebond Wood Glue
Glue Brush
Right Angle Clamping Jig



Blue Clamps
Palm Belt Sander
Dust Right
Small Port Hose Kit
Crosscut Sled
Bottom Trim Router Bit



Top Trim Router Bit
Shop Stool
Contour Sanding Pads
Miter Saw
Bandy Clamps
Circular Saw


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