How To Build Your Own DIY Bed Swing

Thinking about building your own DIY bed swing? Check out this easy DIY bed swing project where I built my own comfortable bed swing!

I built one of these years ago for my mom and had the hardest time giving it up once it was time to hand it over because I just loved it so much. However, at the time I really didn’t have a good place to hang it anyhow. Now that we’ve moved into the woods, I decided to build one for myself and hang it out in the yard where I can see the nice scenic views out to the east.

If you’re interested in building your own, I have put together a set of detailed how to build a bed swing plans found here.  I know that sometime folks prefer to hang these sort of swings from a free standing covered structure…like a mini gazebo.  Well, I built one of those too : ) Take a look here for the bed swing frame if you’re interested.

Also, if the bed swing is not really your thing and you’re more interested in a standard porch swing, I have a template to make your own porch swing templates found here as well as a how-to build your own porch swing video to go with it found here.

Things I Used In This DIY Bed Swing Project:

Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Miter saw Stand
Miter saw
Right Angle Clamping Jig
Triton Drill

Outfeed Table
Table saw
Wall Mounted Dust collection
Bevel Gauge

Router Table
Doweling Jig
Blue Clamp
Dust Right Separator
Universal Hose Kit

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