How To Build A Free-Standing Porch Swing FRAME | DIY

Need a place to hang your porch swing? Check out this free standing porch swing frame build. Its awesome and super easy to build!

Since moving to the new place I have been wanting to build a free standing frame for a porch swing so I can put it exactly where I want it on the new property.  I really like how this came out! I decided to throw on a nice little gable roof to keep the direct sun light off me I while swing back and forth : )

I put together a set of bed swing porch swing frame plans you can find here if you are interested in building your own frame.  The swing has recently come available for purchase as a DIY build kit or a traceable template. The kit is for a single seater and the template allows you to trace out the pattern of the swing on the material of your choice. Feel free to check em out : )

If you liked the bed swing project I did a while back then keep in mind that the plans for this frame have simple notes for making it work for the bed swing as well as the porch swing. The DIY bed swing is a bit larger and tends to be a better pick for someone interested in relaxing on nice soft cushions. They can be found here.

Things I Used In This Porch Swing FRAME Build:

Tinted Safety Glasses
Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Circular Saw
Saw Horses
Custom Tool Belt

Miter Saw
Fuji Spray System

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