Trash Can Enclosure Plans

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Trash can sheds are a great way to hide your garbage cans during the week. With this design you can simply raise the lid of the shed when you want to toss trash away. When trash day arrives, you open the front door of the shed and wheel the bin to the curb.

Dimensions: 81″ wide, 46″ deep, and 57-1/4″ tall.

This project is built with material that is readily available at any of the major big box stores. The plan includes the following:

  • A detailed list of raw materials, consumables, and quantities needed of each.
  • 13 pages
  • Call outs of all the dimensions used.
  • 19 detailed but easy to follow steps which walk you through the entire construction of the shed
  • All assembly steps are color coded for easy tracking and understanding.
  • Fully dimensioned CAD diagrams to eliminate any guess work

In addition to the plans I have also provided a summary video of the build for free on my YouTube channel found HERE.




To receive your plans:
1. After your order is placed, you will receive a thank you message with a link to download the plans
2. You will also receive an email receipt with a link to download the plans
3. Please download the plans to your computer to ensure access in the future

The entire plan is included in one PDF document.



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