Thinking about making a DIY jewelry holder? Check out this DIY project where I built a jewelry holder for one of my best friends!

One of my besties asked me if I could make her a simple jewelry holder for her earrings and necklaces. Of course I said yes, and this is what I ended up coming up with.

diy jewelry holder 8

It was very simple, so if you want to make one here are the steps.

1) I googled “picture frame templates” then picked out one I liked. Next I printed it off then cut it out and traced it on a scrap piece of 1/2″ plywood.

2) Then I used my scroll saw to cut it out. I wanted to give it more area to hang earrings so I made the inside cutout larger than the original template. I actually had a 8″x10″ piece of canvas in my shop so I just held that center and traced around it.

diy jewelry holder 6

3) Next I purchased a small roll of 1/4″ wire mesh from Home Depot and used side cutters to cut a square to the size of my inside hole.

Let me pause and explain my next step. If I were to take my mesh and attach it directly to the back of my frame, then when it’s placed on a wall an earring wouldn’t have any clearance to hook onto the mesh because it would be mashed up against the wall. So to solve this….

4) I grabbed my router and set the bit to 1/4″, which is half the depth of my piece of wood, then I went around the inside perimeter and created a ‘step’.

diy jewelry holder 5

5) Before adding the mesh I painted it.

6) Now I was able to take the mesh square and insert it into it’s place. To attach it to the frame, I used my staple gun.

diy jewelry holder 4
diy jewelry holder 3
The last thing was to add hooks to hang necklaces….so I bought some hooks from Walmart. You can buy a package of silver hooks for $5, or a package of white hooks for 97 cents.

7) I first laid out my marks on where I wanted the hooks to be placed. To make sure they ended up straight, I pulled out my tape measure and simply made a mark at every inch (so I ended up with 11 hooks).

diy jewelry holder 2

8) So I lied earlier, the last last thing was to add a hanger on the back so it could be hung. Just turn it over and put it where you want it.

diy jewelry holder 1

Now you can throw it on your wall and hang all your jewelry up. : )

A reader contacted me and said she doesn’t have a router and if there was a way to make this work without one? Yes, the purpose for creating that ‘step’ on the back in step 4 is to make clearance for the earring to hook onto the mesh once the holder is hung up on the wall. If you don’t have a router, then I would…cut two wooden frames identical to each other. Paint them. Then staple the mesh to the back of one. Then staple the second frame onto the back of that. This way the mesh screen will be sandwiched between the two frames and that would put the holder 1/2″ off the wall so it would still have clearance. : D Yay for alternatives.
Also since we’re talking about alternatives, if you don’t have a scroll saw then you can use a jigsaw. Just take your time.

Total Time: 2 hrs
Total Cost: $12

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