Building A Horizontal Fence (Part 1)

In this video I’m getting started building a Board on Board Horizontal Fence, here in my new commercial space, The Wood Shed. I actually broke this video into two parts because there is so much information to deliver. So if a fence is on your to-do list, I hope this helps you out.

Be sure and check out the video above to see all about how I built it.

You can also check out the previous fence I built, my Vertical Board on Board Fence Build, here: https://youtu.be/v3BIyCFtYPM

Things I Used in This Project:

You can find Part 2 to this project HERE, where I cover picketing, trim, top cap and finishing out the ground area.

I hope you learn something from this video and feel inspired to go and build your own fence.

See you on the next one.

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