Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

Thinking about building your own tabletop Christmas tree? Check out this DIY project where I show you how to build a wooden Christmas tree for a table!

This year I am getting into the Holiday Spirit by making a reusable Christmas Tree!

Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree 3

I typically don’t get around to buying a tree. Time slips away from me and before I know it, it’s already Christmas but this year I was set on it…I was going to put up a tree. The thing I like about this wooden version is I can reuse it year after year and when I’m not using it, it can flat pack away. 

The pieces are tiny…and cute. ; ) But that means tiny hardware. No problem though, I’ve been using a tool kit from IFIXIT which has a huge assortment of quality drivers and bits.

I first laid out my magnetic project mat which keeps all my hardware accessible but from rolling away or getting lost, then started assembling. The base has a threaded insert where two small screws hold them in place. 

Then the snowflake layers are set in place by putting in a set screw half way on each side, creating a shelf for the snowflake to rest on. 

How stinking cute. I almost wish I still worked in an office so I could have this on my desk…the key word there is almost. 

While playing with it, lets go ahead and see what a scaled up version would look like!

With this one being larger, it was easier to take out some of the needed hardware on the mini version. The steam could just snap together with a nice friction fit then the snowflakes could be slipped on in their correct order.

Each snowflake is staggered so that the long side of the previous snowflake is off set with the next one. This way, when it’s all painted and done, ornaments can be added without bumping the below layer.

To keep the layers from tipping up and down just slightly once added, I predrilled then added in one screw per side to keep the snowflake in place. 

Big thank you to IFIXIT for sponsoring this video. This company is amazing not only their tools which I do highly recommend, but also the mindset their spreading. They’re a company that empathizes and enables people to fix things instead of just throwing them away.

wooden tabletop christmas tree 2
Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree 4

Their website is full of wonderful tutorials showing you how to fix items instead of adding them to the landfill. Their motto of “Never take broken for an answer” is proudly placed on my shop fridge as a reminder.

If you looking for a great for anybody holiday gift then check out the giveaway on Instagram I’m hosting where three people will be getting the IFIXIT Manta set (**giveaway ends on Friday 12/11/20)

If you can’t wait and want to get your own iFixit kit, you can buy one during their Holiday sale, just head to iFixit.com/aprilwilkerson to see all of iFixit’s awesome tools. 

I recommend the Minnow Precision set for a perfect stocking stuff, the Moray Precision set for a keep around the house set…so any home owner you need an Ace idea for, then the Pro Tech ToolKit for the person in your life with a shop or love of building/fixing things. 

I guarantee if you add any of these sets to your person’s tool kit, they will thank you. 

It might not be typical, but I love my wooden Christmas tree. If you’re interested in one for the holidays or as a gift, then I am selling two different sizes of the trees for the holiday season here.

Be sure to check out the video for even more Christmas cheer and a better glimpse of these going together 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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