Cheap Under $500 Laundry Room Makeover

Since my laundry room makeover is now done, I wanted to post pictures of all the before and afters. I also tallied up all the costs of my projects and this entire room cost me a total of $466.50! That is not bad considering I did 10 different projects (that includes painting) to improve the look and function of this small space.

My laundry room is right off my kitchen and leads into our attached garage. Before the makeover, the only function this room had was housing my washer and dryer and the main objective while revamping this room was to make space for a pantry because my house was built without one and this room was the only option I had to put it.

photo 1
photo 8

I figured out that if I stacked my washer and dryer, I could build a good sized pantry right next to them. It would take me four months to settle on a design for it and also (since I had no clue what I was doing) to come up with a plan of attack. So I started the room by throwing some paint on the walls, and painting a pretty design to decorate this wasted wall space.

photo 2
photo 9

Next I started building things to utilize all the wasted space in this room, and updating the things that had to stay. The drying rack I built took the place of those hideous metal ones and the refinished doors and decorative vent cover really change the room esthetically.

photo 4
photo 11

Since stacking my washer and dryer I could no longer use the top as a storing spot for the soap and dryer sheets, so I built an inside door shelving unit.

photo 15
photo 16

Before, this puny coat hanger was the sole function of this corner. Now it holds the two can rack dispensers and the laundry basket holder I made.

cheap laundry room makeover 06
photo 12
photo 13

By this time I had my pantry’s design features figured out and was ready to take it on. This was, of course, the most expensive project of the bunch because I wanted all my drawers to pull out, but it was desperately needed and I’m so pleased with the results!

photo 7
photo 17

The top right of the pantry is a wine rack holder, but I don’t have any wine bottles right now for the photo….blame it on girls night. ; )

Well….that’s it! One room down. Now I’m off to start improving the kitchen…..

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