Transforming Coffee Table | Coffee to Dining Table in Seconds

Thinking about building your own transforming coffee table? Check out this project where I walk you through building a coffee table that transforms into a dining table!

This week I tackled a coffee table. Well, not only a coffee table, but a table that can go from the height of a coffee table to a dining table. Oh, and because I struggle with designing something that doesn’t have storage….I incorporated a sneaky storage spot to put away electronics but keep them within reach.

The way this design works is the table can be used at two different heights. To achieve this, there is a set of tall lets and a set of short lets. Both work independently of each other on a hinge.

Be sure to check out the video to see how I made it!

Also, I have 2 in 1 coffee table plans and templates here for this project. And not only this project but plenty of other ones as well.

Also leave me a comment down below and let me know your thoughts on my table. I’ll see you soon. 

coffee table 3
Transforming Coffee Table | Coffee to Dining Table in Seconds 3

Things I Used In This Project:

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  1. Very attractive and practical coffee/dining table. Has a bit of a mid-century modern feel! Well done!

  2. Visually appealing, I like that you used plywood with the veneer. Informative and comprehensive video, as usual, I really enjoy seeing your projects from beginning to the finished product!

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