Storage for Koozies

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Around my house we have tons of koozies; they are literally everywhere. A few years ago I got fed up trying to store them all in a drawer….then a vase….then a box….that I asked my husband to come up with a way to store them better and he presented me with the following….

Yep. That is a Puffs tissue box with the top third cut off. Those collapsible koozies store very nicely in it so I put one in my kitchen. One in the shop and garage. One in the pool room. Oh, and one on the back porch. Even though it’s such a simple idea, I thought he was brilliant for it.

You could very easily decorate the box, but Puffs designs them to be seen around the house, so you could also leave it as is.

If you want to keep all your koozies in one place rather than spread out, then grab one of those rectangular boxes instead of these squares, use up the tissues, and cut away the top.

Total Cost: $0
Total Time: 2 mins

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