Slushy The Snowman | Easy Fun DIY Christmas Craft

Thinking about building a cool Christmas decoration out of wood? Check out this Slushy The Snowman that I built with ease!

Here is a simple and fun Christmas decoration project that would be great to do with a child. It’s a melting snowman decoration that I call Slushy….get it?…. : ) Instead of Frosty….

First I drew a random puddle shape on some scrap 1/4″ wood. Don’t think too much about the shape, it’s random and should just look like melting water.


I cut the shape out with my bandsaw but an alternative would be to use a jigsaw. Then I gave it a quick coat of white paint then set it aside to dry.


While that was drying, I looked around my shop for some thin cardboard to make the hat. I ended up using some packaging from my sandpaper but you could go to the Dollar Store and buy a black poster board instead. Since I used cardboard, I grabbed a black Sharpie and colored the back black.


I cut out enough to make a small circle and used hot glue to keep it together. Then I cut a small circle to make the bottom brim of the hat. Once you glue the two together, go back with the black sharpie and color the edges so that the entire hat is black.


I made the snowman head using a ping pong ball. Color on the snowman’s face then hot glue on the hat.


By this time the puddle should be dry so now glue the head to the puddle.

I added a scarf using a piece of brown ribbon I found. Since my ribbon was very wide, I just cut it down then glued it around the ping pong ball.


Next I went to a tree and pulled off a small limb then used two pieces from it for the arms. Glue these on and your snowman is done. : )


This would also be a cute gift to give to to co-workers or neighbors. Merry Christmas everyone!

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