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I had a pile of bowed and warped 2x4s and 2x6s that I thought I would just throw away, but then I remembered seeing a photo a few months ago of a flag that was made up entirely of 2x4s and decided to make a few of those instead.

I know I’m bias, but I think this thing rocks.
Build video:

1) I rounded up all my 2×4 scraps first

2) Then used my miter saw to just start hacking them up. I would just randomly choose the size. Don’t think about it too much. : ) I just kept cutting until I had the size of flag I was going for. This one is about 35″ long by 23″ tall.

Note: If you are making an American flag there needs to be 13 strips. 7 red and 6 white.

3) Next I went through my pile and picked out the straightest 2×4 I had and ripped it in half with my table saw then cut 45s to make a frame. I don’t have corner clamps so I used tape. 4) Then I just started filling it in. I really wanted the heights to vary so I moved blocks around until I got something that I thought looked nice.

5) I started painting. I wanted it to be kinda worn looking so I didn’t try to make the color solid. Instead I would just kinda slap it on and smear it around. I would paint a little bit of the front, back, and sides so any portion sticking up would be the same color.


6) Next I cut some 1/4″ material to fit the back and glued/nailed it on. Then I went ahead and gave the frame a quick stain. Note: I used Dark Walnut

7) Oops, almost forgot the stars….for these, I just dipped the tip of my finger in the white paint then randomly made some smudge marks. : ) The blue came out a little too bright for my liking so after the ‘stars’ dried, I took each block and ran some sand paper over it a few times. Just to take away some of it’s sharpness.

Easy project! Perfect for those scraps. I will be making a Texas flag as well when I get a chance, so I’ll post an update here when it’s done.

If you are in the States, I hope you have a happy and safe 4th. : )


I wanted to share the below flag that was emailed to me from a reader. I thought it turned out so pretty.

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