Wondering how I said goodbye to my shop? Check out this video walk through of me saying goodbye to my old work shop!

Well the time has come to say goodbye to an old friend – my beloved shop. My husband and I have put our sights on a little place out of the city where we currently live and decided to move to the country.
I’ve been in my shop for just over four years. In that time I have done a tremendous amount of growing up as a creator inside the walls of my little barn in the back. Funny enough, the barn was not mine to begin with though lol. My husband originally fell in love with the property mainly because of the 1600sqft barn in the back yard which was very uncommon for a house in the suburbs. He had big ideas for the shop too; unfortunately for him, those plans got derailed just a little bit : )

While Cody was finishing his degree in engineering, I was becoming more fascinated with creating things around my home such as laundry basket holders, can rack rotators, a free standing pantry, and so on. Like you already know, these kind of things require a lot of space. Fortunately for me, my husband had a fine workshop that wasn’t really getting much use seeing how he stayed neck deep in his studies. Just as you guessed it, he got evicted and all of his things were relocated to the attached garage. Lol…..which he took very well since he could clearly see the passion I had for building and creating. Ultimately, it all worked out very well.

If you are interested to see the rest of the story, feel free to check out the video below; it’s a pretty fun story to tell in my opinion.

Cheers – April

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