Woodsmith All-New One-Wall Workshop Plans

Unique construction and low-cost materials combine to create a versatile work area and plenty of storage in a compact space.



Carving out a dedicated space for a workshop can go a long way toward making woodworking more enjoyable and projects easier to build. The idea behind this workshop setup is to pack as much woodworking potential into a 14-foot section of a garage or basement wall as possible. A stout workbench and a multipurpose power tool workcenter anchor the system. Several space-saving carts dock in the space underneath. Up above, pegboard panels and a row of cabinets provide loads of storage for your gear. Start by tackling the bench, workcenter, and cabinets, and you can get your shop up and running quickly.

  • 21 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Over 100 full-color exploded views, photos and illustrations
  • Includes plans for the three space-saving carts
  • Materials list and cutting diagram
  • Retail sources for hardware and supplies