The Morley Lounge Chair Templates


This is a very exciting opportunity to purchase a pack of templates and plans for the Morley Lounge Chair. This chair was designed by the amazing fine custom furniture builder and craftsman, Philip Morley.

This template pack includes a set of modified plans and templates to make a full side assembly of the Morley Lounge Chair.

  • Plans included
  • Durable MDF material
  • Precision CNC cut
  • Engraved layout marks



Philip Morley’s description:

“My approach would be to study the plan closely and try to understand each element and the relationship between the elements. These plans have been modified for use with the templates. The templates will get you the two side assemblies of the chair. They also have layout marks engraved in the templates to help for accurate layout for the mortises. The majority of the work for this piece is in the side assemblies. The rest of the chair (back frame, seat frame, and a couple rails) is fairly straight forward and I have provided the dimensions and cut list. You can use these templates to take to your timber, rough out your parts, and do your final pattern routing. A great technique for this is the powerful “L” fence technique. If you are not familiar with the “L” fence, it is a great technique to use in conjunction with the table saw. There are many articles out there. If you are interested in buying a pre-made “L” fence, I highly recommend Ben Brunick’s “L”Tomato, ( I have also redesigned this chair from the original, which included integral tenons, to slip tenons (loose tenons). My hope is that this simplifies the chair a bit. If you do not have a slot mortiser, check out my plan on the Morley Mortiser on my website (, which would definitely help out in the process. I also have a video on YouTube which explains the mortiser.”


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