Storage Bins


So much hardware! So little storage!  Not any more : ) I took the time to model these little bins up so that others could easily repeat my build free of charge.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Janny Siersema

    They look great.

  2. kiawawarrior (verified owner)

    I look forward to some of your ideas for my shop as I get more organized.

    Thank you

  3. sparktrix (verified owner)

    Thanks April. God bless

  4. Mike Eldridge

    I will be using these April !!! Thanks so much.

  5. robmasongeneva (verified owner)

    Please note that these plans assume you are using 1/2 inch thick boards. If you are using 3/4 thick wood, you will need to adjust the dimensions (I was using 3/4 in scrap and wasted a little bit of wood as a few pieces were cut short using the dimensions in the plans).

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