Rocking Chair Templates


I have two options for template material; Both are CNC cut so they are accurate and precise.

The tall option is 2-1/2″ taller than the short model. At 5′-10″ a friend of mine feels very comfortable in the shorter version. However, my dad stands 6’1′ and felt it was a bit on the short side for him.

The first option is a sturdy MDF set of templates which comes at a slightly higher price and slightly higher shipping cost. However, these are ready to go templates you can set on your board and use a router with a flush trim bit, to copy.

The second option is a plastic set of templates which is much cheaper to ship since it’s a lightweight plastic called polystyrene. With these you would set the templates on your board, trace the shape, then cut out using a bandsaw or jigsaw. You could make the templates on any material of your choice.

The plan bundle includes the physical template materials as well as a set of detailed assembly plans. Note: the plans are a digital download that is sent via email upon purchase.

Check out the build video for this project HERE

Note: for shipping to CANADA, only the plastic templates are available


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Tall, Short


Plastic, MDF


  1. joel LeGrand (verified owner)

    I received my templates in the mail, for some reason I thought the templates were made of 1/16 lexan, my bad. Should have google the name of the template materal.
    The templates will work just fine, I will use them as a transfer template, to make a wooden template like one use on a router table.
    These will be hung up untill I need them again, with the name “April Wilkerson rocking chair” so I can remember where I got the templates from.
    I want to make one from wood & another from compost decking board, the 1 X 6 design will work well for this & the chairs out by the fire pit will never rot. Compost will play the devil on the tool edge, but that should be the only problem. I am very pleased with the templates, Thank you.

  2. gunnervitale (verified owner)

    My set of templates for the Rocking Chair (tall) set was originally mailed to me minus the chair (butt) base. This was caught by April (or her team) before the template set even arrived. I immediately received an email stating the heretofore unknown “missing” part was being sent along Priority Mail and due to the error on their part, I was given a code for a set of free plans. Both shipments arrived in good condition and were very well-packaged. The design is very straight forward, well thought-out and produces a great result. Thank you April.~ Nick Vitale, Jacksonville, N.C.

  3. Jay Cortez (verified owner)

    The plans and templates do not match. After cutting the boards according to plans, I have the legs left to trace out. The templates are 24 3\4″ and 27″ long, the boards left are 23 1\2″ 24″ 24 3\8″ and 24 1\4″. So that’s a wasted 2 x 6 ! I guess the plans are for the short chair. I am not very happy about this! Also the rockers don’t fit the boards like the plans say, luckily there is that ” wasted space on the 5th board that I could use. Now something that is my fault, probably should have not been cheap and ordered the MDF templates rather than the very cheap and thin ” plastic” ones( more like laminated poster board). These came in a bit curled and one is creased, USPS fault I am guessing on the creased one.

  4. Ted Vargas (verified owner)

    So I accidentally ordered the tall instead of standard. This made for a very frustrating evening as I got everything together and could barely touch the floor since I am only 5′ 10″ :). I modified the design and lowered them almost exactly to height you had added of the 2.5 inches. It worked very well. will be ordering the shorter version because I think I want the MDF templates. The plastic will do but leave a bit of cleanup for the rockers as you pointed out in your video. I want to be able to use the router on the rockers as you did which will make this build a whole lot easier. The only real recommendations I would make is maybe a bit wider version and possibly a taller back version as it seemed a bit short. All in all, very happy with the template and looking forward to purchasing a few other of your plans.

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