Porch Swing Templates

Are you looking to build a porch swing? These templates are ideal for the DIY’er and even more ideal for those who might want to sell these locally. I have two options for template material; Both are CNC cut so they are accurate and precise.

  • MDF: The first option is a sturdy MDF set of templates which comes at a slightly higher price and slightly higher shipping cost. However, these are ready to go templates you can set on your board and use a router with a flush trim bit, to copy.
  • PLASTIC: The second option is a plastic set of templates which is much cheaper to ship since it’s a lightweight plastic called polystyrene. With these you would set the templates on your board, trace the shape, then cut out using a bandsaw or jigsaw. You could make the templates on any material of your choice.

The templates also allow you the flexibility to build a Single Seater Swing or a wider, 2 person seat if you’d like by simply lengthening the slats and adding a center seat and back support.  The durability of the template material lends itself very well to precise and repeatable template traces.

An order comes with four templates. One for the arm, back support, bottom support, and vertical arm support. All other parts required for the swing are rectangular and do not require a template. If you haven’t already, check out the video down below to see how these swings come together.

A purchase of these templates includes the two PLANS I have for this project in Single and Double sizes.

Also, check out my plans for the Porch Swing Frame HERE

These templates will also work to build my Bench Glider! You will need to additionally buy the Bench Glider Plans HERE

Note: for shipping to CANADA, only the plastic templates are available at this time.





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Weight 0.26875 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × .5 in