Philip Morley Small Bench Templates


This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a pack of templates and plans for Philip Morley’s Small Bench.

This chair was designed by the amazing fine custom furniture builder and craftsman, Philip Morley.

Philip built this elegant small bench designed originally for his children, but is also very comfortable as an ottoman. Variations can be easily made to make it a flat top and can be used as a small side table. Plans include a cut list and all necessary dimensions but not a step by step how to. Includes three templates. The side template includes the mortises and is designed to be used with a 5/8″ OD guide bushing to make it very accurate and simple to cut. The top rail template and bottom rail template do not include the tenon length but are the shoulder to shoulder measurements. This way you can decide whether you want to do a slip tenon or an integral tenon. The templates include plan and cut list.







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