Foureyes Furniture Cece Rocking Chair Plans & Templates


This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a pack of templates and plans from Foureyes Furniture.

This is the Cece Rocking Chair, or more accurately Cece’s Rocking Chair. This piece was named after and built for Shaun Boyd’s sister and her daughter, Cecelia. The piece is approximately 24″ wide x 35″ high x 45″ deep and features a silky smooth rocking action.


  • 19 Step-by-step instructional videos

  • Dimensional Drawings and Diagrams (imperial and metric)

  • 1/4″ MDF templates (3 individual leg pieces – See Pictures)

  • SVG files of all template pieces (for CNC cutting)

  • PDF files of all template pieces (for printing)

  • Cece Rocking Chair Sticker to commemorate your honorary induction into the (exclusive) Foureyes Furniture Fabrication Family (FFFF). In other words, we’re sending you a sticker.

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