Postponing The Grand Opening

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It is with great disappointment that I’m announcing that I have to postpone my Grand Opening event for the Hill Country Wood Shed due to Covid-19. 

The virus is increasing in an unsafe measure in Texas and I don’t feel comfortable or responsible having an event in this situation. Furthermore, the Texas Governor just announced that large gatherings are cancelled. 

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your coming and how much I was looking forward to celebrating with all of you that have followed along with my journey. Hopefully we can hold a celebration sometime in the future. 

Thank you so very much for your support. Stay tuned…


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10 Responses

  1. Thats the best decision. Keep everyone safe. Better than sorry.

  2. April – I can only imagine how disappointed you are right now to have to postpone the grand opening. But you are doing the right thing. As I said in my YouTube comment when you originally announced the event…”Your enthusiasm is highly contagious, but unfortunately so is COVID.” Thank you for making a tough, but responsible, decision for everyone involved.

    I have followed you for several years and you are a very strong and determined woman, so I’m sure this little setback will not hold you down for very long. Know that all of us who follow you are still celebrating this tremendous accomplishment, and when I get back down to Texas once this is all over, I’m certainly going to want to stop by and congratulate you personally (in the off chance you are there when I am).

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Sorry to hear this, but you made the right call. Here in North Carolina it is getting worse rather than better. We just started mandatory mask wearing at 5:00pm today, and as one who is high risk, I say about time, should have happened a long time ago. We have followed you for several years and wish only the best!

  4. Good afternoon April, I have enjoyed your videos on many topics…..thank you. You are a very talented lady, my bride and I hope to stop by and hopefully meet you in the future after all of this C-19 stuff is over.
    Take care, stay safe…

  5. That’s the right call, April. Stay safe with with your Wood Shed operations and celebrate when we may all join you (at least in spirit). Best of luck in all your ventures. Hard work, ambition and a clever mind are obviously a good combination.

  6. Just knowing that you postponed only makes you shine all the brighter!! I’ve enjoyed your YouTube channel for many years, have come to respect and admire you, and would expect no less of you. Your online friends appreciate that, as well as your Texas neighbors. Keep safe and healthy, April, and keep up the good work!!

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