Thinking about painting pegboard? Check out this DIY project where I show you exactly how I painted this pegboard with a letter stencil!
Pegboard. Super cheap and extremely functional, but also boring and kinda ugly. Solution? I say lets throw some paint at it.
diy painting pegboard 1
diy painting pegboard 2

Over the past week, I have slowly been trying to get my shop more organized and I had already decided that my pegboard desperately needed to have everything taken off, then put back on in an organized fashion. So while I had everything off, I decided a little paint and pizazz wouldn’t do it any harm either.


diy painting pegboard 3
diy painting pegboard 4

1) First thing I did was strip everything off and lay it to the side.

2) Then I grabbed my projector (such a useful tool), opened up a word document, and found a font style I liked then played with it some until I had it where I wanted it on the board and exactly how big. (I prefer things slightly off center)

diy painting pegboard 5
3) I traced the outline with a pencil, then went back through and painted it. I have tons of little sample size paint cans from when I was deciding on colors for the house and other projects. So I dug through until I found two colors I thought would look nice.
diy painting pegboard 6
4) Next I painted in the background.
diy painting pegboard 7

WilkerDon’t: It would have been waaay smarter to paint the background first, then the W. But. I was caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking smartly. ; ) At the end of the day, I didn’t mind but if you have a similar idea in mind, start painting the background first.

5) Then I painted the boarder and hung everything back up.

diy painting pegboard 2

 Oh yes….I do believe I love this. : D

Pegboard is used all over the place. If you have pegboard in your sewing/crafts room, or laundry room, or your garage, think about throwing some color on it and turning it into something eye catching.

Total Time: 2 hrs
Total Cost: $0

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