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After I get done with a big project, I like to wind down by cleaning my shop and doing a small project that doesn’t take a lot of thought. So once I completed the waterfall, I decided to do something fun with an enormous vent on my wall.

: ) Don’t ask me why he’s angry. Every time I looked at this vent, those eyes were all I saw so I finally just painted them on.

1) I first grabbed a computer and googled “angry cartoon eyes” then found the pair I wanted.

2) Since I can’t draw: Next, I used my projector to project them on the wall where I wanted them located and used a pencil to trace.

3) Then I went back with some paint and painted in the lines.

4) Just to give it a little more definition, I went back through and outlined the eyes with black paint.

And now I have an angry vent that makes me giggle.

Remember: “If we didn’t laugh, we’d all go insane.” Not everything in a shop has to be practical. ; )

Total Time: 2 hrs
Total Cost: $0

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