Milling with the Super Powerful Logosol B1001

In this video I am having a lot of fun because I’m showing you the ins and outs of my new bandsaw mill.

This Logosol B1001 Mill can handle up to a 27.5″ diameter log. You would think, as I did at that time, that my mill lineup was already complete. However, I found myself in situations where there were still plenty of logs under that 27.5 inch capacity, but then a few that i was having to leave behind because they were over it. This led me to look at a bandsaw mill that had a larger cut capacity.

This one is 36 inches but also gives me the option of portability. This Logasol mill has a trailer package so when i get a call on trees, I now either have the option of going to grab the logs and bringing them back to the Wood Shed to slab up, or I can deploy the chainsaw mill and bandsaw mill to slab the trees on site.

Check out the video above to see everything this awesome mill has to offer.

Check out The Hill Country Woodshed if you are interested in a mill for yourself!

Find out more about Logosol here.

milling with the super powerful logosol b1001 1
Milling with the Super Powerful Logosol B1001 2

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