How To Restore An Old Rocking Chair

Wondering how to restore an old rocking chair? Check out this DIY project where I walk you through the exact steps of restoring any rocking chair!

One of the joys of wood working is occasionally getting to breathe life back into old pieces of furniture that would otherwise get forgotten. This week I resurrected an old rocking chair that was originally bought for my grandmother but was then passed to my mom. She not only rocked my brother and me in it but her mom also rocked her and her five siblings in it. The chair was purchased in 1950 and for it’s age I say it has held up well! However, a few years back a guest sat in the chair and the entire thing collapsed and broke a part. The guest was fine but the chair was badly damaged. My grandfather did what he could to repair the chair but now that I’m knee deep into woodworking, my mom asked if I could show it some love. Check out the video below to see the extensive process of breaking down the chair and restoring it.

I want to thank Minwax for sponsoring this project. Minwax is once again celebrating the meaningful stories and sentimental value that wood holds with the second installment of, ‘Made With Love. Finished With Minwax.’ This year, Minwax is spotlighting the joy of finding wood pieces, sometimes in the least expected places, and the emotional value these items take on when finishing them with love.

Whether wood items come already imbued with family memories or are simply a blank canvas awaiting a new identity, Minwax provides the tools that enable everyone from novices to trained professionals to either preserve a meaningful history or embed in wood a profound, new meaning. ‘Made With Love. Finished With Minwax.’ provides a platform for people to discover and share their personal stories about taking something ordinary and making it into something extraordinary.

Things I Used In This Restore An Old Rocking Chair Project:

ISOTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Super Jaws
Outfeed Table
Japanese Pull Saw
Dust Right Separator
Small Port Hose Kit
T-Track Hold Downs
Sanding Grips

Belt Sander
Mini Lathe
Turning Tools 1
Turning Tools 2
Lathe Dust Collector
Small Clamps
Bench Cookies

Pre Stain Wood Conditioner
Wipe On Poly
Hide Glue
Two Part Epoxy

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