DIY Deck Railing | How To Install Your Own Deck Railing!

Thinking about putting in your own DIY deck railing? Check out this project where I put railing on my own backyard treehouse deck! Easy!

You guys remember my awesome floating tree deck at the Hill Country Wood Shed? Today, I’m finishing the build by showing you how I installed a DIY rod railing system by Viewrail from start to finish. This modern rod rail system is easy to install, perfect for exterior use and gorgeous to view!

diy deck viewrail rod railing system
DIY Deck Railing | How To Install Your Own Deck Railing! 2

Check out the video above to see how we did it.

You can also watch part 1 and part 2 of my floating deck build here.

Things I Used in This DIY Deck Railing Project:

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