How To Build An Insulated Dog House | With Opening Roof!

Thinking about building your pups their very own Insulated Dog House? Check out this project where I walk you through how to build your own!

In the video above, watch how I built a Dog House with two doors and a lift top!

I have three pups. I built a dog house for them 3 years ago that is big enough for all of them. But one of the dogs will get inside the house first and not let the others in. I could just cut another opening, but since my one dog is territorial about his space, I decided to build a completely different design to keep everyone happy.

This new dog house has two rooms with a dividing wall in between. I’ve incorporated heating pads so the space is nice and warm in the winter. And a roof that is on a hinge, so I can easily get inside to change their blankets, beds, or just check in on them.

Dog Duplex 2
How To Build An Insulated Dog House | With Opening Roof! 5

I have a set of plans Dog House Duplex Plans here if you’d like to build your own, including a full material list, cut list and step by step instructions!

Also, check out the previous Insulated Dog House I built HERE in this other video, as well as plans for original Insulated Dog House here.

Things I Used in This Insulated Dog House Project:

Dog Duplex 4
How To Build An Insulated Dog House | With Opening Roof! 6

I hope you enjoy this Dog House build. I’ll see you on my next project!

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