How To Add An Electrical Outlet | Easy DIY Trick

Trying to figure out how to add an electrical outlet? Check out this easy DIY project where I added one to an existing wall as easily as possible!

My garage is short on outlets. In this video I’m showing you how to add new outlets to an existing wall, without damaging or repairing drywall! This is a very easy project and a great solution to adding outlets to a room.

Also, check out my video where I install 220 in my garage.

Add A Plug 2
How To Add An Electrical Outlet | Easy DIY Trick 2

Things I Used in This How To Add An Electrical Outlet Project:

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  1. Very timely for me, as my next project is to add a couple of additional outlets in my master bedroom. I like your idea of notching out the stud. I was going to drill holes thru each stud and fish the wire they them but expected that to be time consuming, as the holes would be on a bit of an angle. I think I will try your approach instead. Thanks!

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