Giant DIY Storage Cabinet with Plans | Indoor or Outdoor

Thinking about building your own DIY Storage Cabinet? Check out this easy DIY project where I built my own storage cabinet for my garage!

Today I’m taking an unorganized outdoor patio and tidying it up some by building an outdoor cabinet. Instead of having outdoor yard tools and other miscellaneous things scattered around looking messy, they can all be in the same area and tucked away out of sight.

Check out the video above to see how I built it!

Cabinet Plans

Things I Used in This DIY Storage Cabinet Project:

Roseburg Armorite Exterior MDF

Armorite Prime/Paint/Finish Guidelines

DAP Weldwood Contact Cement

Shop Sabre CNC

Stihl RE110 Pressure Washer

ISOtunes Hearing Protection (use code APRIL for 10% off)

3/4″ Overlay Hinges

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