DIY Bathroom Remodel | How To Demo & Install New

Thinking about doing your own DIY Bathroom Remodel? Before you do, check out this 2-part project where I walk you through how I did mine, with pro tips!

Today, and in Part 1, I’m bringing you along as I get started with my small DIY bathroom remodel, including taking out the old vanity, backsplash, removing the toilet (lessons learned!) and installing new flooring.

DIY Bathroom Remodel | Flooring, Vanity, Backsplash, and Toilet | Part 1

Check out Part 2 below where I’ll finish it with a new vanity, framed mirror and upgrading the old shower tile!

Pro Tip: First time laying hardwood floors? Watch my video on laying hardwood floors here!

Things I Used in This DIY Bathroom Remodel Project | Part 1:

DIY Bathroom Remodel | Vanity, Mirror, and Shower Tile | Part 2

In this video I’m showing you how I installed a new toilet flange, framed a mirror, installed a vanity and new plumbing, fixed drywall, installed a new light fixture and added a new modern surface to a shower wall.

Things I Used in This DIY Bathroom Remodel Project | Part 2:

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