Thinking about building a DIY wooden utensil holder? Check out this DIY project where I show you how to build your own utensil holder!

This week I am building a utensil holder for my kitchen. I built a utensil holder around a year ago but it felt like it came out a bit too small after a using it for a while (you can find that video here). So today I’m going to remake it and put together a new tutorial for it on the updated design. I have a free set of plans for this build if you are interested in building your own.

Things I Used In This DIY Wooden Utensil Holder Project:

Thickness Planer
Setup Blocks
Push Blocks

Dado Stack
Rockler Blue Clamps
Glue Bottle
Glue Brush

Triton Palm Sander
Bench Cookies
Teak Oil

I am building mine from cedar because I already have one and a half boards left over from a previous project. However any 1×12 board will work.

I took my 1×12 to the miter saw and cut the different boards to length. Once they were cut to length, I decided to reduce the thickness some in my planer.  After creating a small mountain of chips, the material was reduced down to 1/2″

Utensil Holder1

Next I exchanged my table saw blade for my dado stack and cut in all the rabbits and dados. If you do not have a dado stack then you can make multiple passes with a single table saw blade.

Utensil Holder2

Then I used some wood glue to start joining things together, attached the three vertical pieces to the top and bottom boards, then set all my clamps in place and allowed everything to dry.

Utensil Holder3

I cut the shelves to size and glued them in place; again using clamps.

Utensil Holder4

Now I cut the small vertical dividers for the shelves and attach them in place.

Utensil Holder5

Before applying a finish I test ft the unit on my counter top.  I wasn’t too crazy about the over all square shape and decided I wanted to create an angled face on the front.  Unfortunately, out of all the power saws I own, I was not able to use a single one of them simply because the unit was too large.  So, to the big box store I went and pulled the trigger on a standard hand saw. I did my best to create a type of “guide” which would keep my board on the line I wanted.  I did this by just clamping some scraps to the box and taking my time with the cut as the guide helped me along.

Utensil Holder6

The cut came out pretty good but I still needed to do some clean up with the sander to put the finishing touches on the front.

Utensil Holder7

For finish I am using teak oil since I made mine from Cedar. However cutting board oil would also be a good choice of a finish.

Utensil Holder8

And it’s as simple as that. If you plan to make one it would be a good build to make two of them at the same time. If you make your out of a 1”x12”x8’ like I did, you will wind up with a decent amount of scrap. However, if you buy 3 of boards of this size, you can easily build 2 utensil holder and give away one as a DIY gift! Be sure to download the plans for a free cultist.

Utensil Holder Thumbnail

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