The TV wall in my living room has been bugging me since we moved into the house. It was just so plain and uninteresting, and the TV was off center which was also kinda bothering my sense of balance lol.  This week I turned my crosshairs onto the TV wall and totally transformed it’s appearance.  In the video down below, I show you how I created a nice faux wood layer over the dry wall using some basic materials and then whittled up four floating shelves I created from a pine 2×8. This project was super easy and only took about 3-4 hours from start to finish. The job was made a bit easier with the help of a cordless brad nailer that I offer an in depth review on found here. Check it out!

Things I Used in This Project:


Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Stud Finder
Faux Wood Panels



Construction Adhesive
Brad Nailer
Project Saw
Miter Saw Stand



Miter Saw
Knot Sealer
Floating Shelf Hardware
Super Jaws


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