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Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I would put together a tutorial on what I made my Mom last year, in case you are in need of a simple homemade gift idea.

In order to put together a tutorial, I actually made myself one. So the colors are different, but the process is the same.

1) I had a scrap 39 1/2″ 4×4 post from my birdhouse bench build, but when I made my Mom’s, I just purchased a 8′ joint and cut it in half. (I made a second for a friend out of the other half). I also went to my scrap wood and grab a few pieces that I could  make some squares from…

2) I cut four squares for the top and bottom. The small squares are 6 1/8″, and the large are 7 3/8″, then painted everything white. I used cheap $1 white spray paint for the post and squares.

Note: Don’t worry about getting the white solid if you are going for a rustic look. You just need enough to show through, in the parts you sand down at the end.

3) For the sign, I grabbed a fence picket that had broken off my fence and cut it to a good length, then used a brush to slap on some white paint.

Tip: Literally…just slap it on. If you want it rustic looking, start with a little paint and try and paint it like a four year old would. Better yet, give it to your four year old to paint. : ) Don’t get it solid and don’t make it even. I use a chip brush for rustic paint jobs like this.

4) Now go over everything (except the sign) in the final color you want your post. I made a black one for my mom, but I made mine this maroon color.

5) For the sign: I used a stencil to paint on Welcome. You can buy a stencil at Hobby Lobby, or you can do like me and make your own.

Tip: Instead of using black paint, I actually use an oil base paint pen. This way I don’t have to worry about keeping track of the little insides of the L, O, or E….I can just lay the stencil down and mark a pen’s width along the letter so it automatically leaves the inside bare. …I hope that makes sense. If you want a video to see what I’m trying to explain, just leave me a comment.

6) Now just put it all together. I used three screws to attach the small square first. (A smily face does not add strength, that was just for fun) ; )

7) Then attached the big square with my nail gun.

8) Flip the post over and repeat for the other side.

9) I purchased a small hook from Home Depot, then screwed it in place.

10) To hang the sign, I flipped it over and screwed in two screws then attached some wire.

And now I have a welcome post…But I want it a little worn looking…..

11) So I took my sanding block and went over everything until I was happy with the look.

Don’t forget to sand the sign as well!

Simple, but a good gift for mothers. : ) This would be a great project for a husband and kids to work on together because of all the easy steps kids could participate in.

Total Cost: $4 (since I had everything but the hook)

I had a reader make a post as a Mother’s Day present then let his two boys decorate it. What a great way to really personalize it!

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