Thinking about making a DIY welcome porch post? Check out this DIY project where I built a porch post to give my guests a friendly welcome!

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I would put together a tutorial on what I made my Mom last year, in case you are in need of a simple homemade gift idea.

In order to put together a tutorial, I actually made myself one. So the colors are different, but the process is the same.

1) I had a scrap 39 1/2″ 4×4 post from my birdhouse bench build, but when I made my Mom’s, I just purchased a 8′ joint and cut it in half. (I made a second for a friend out of the other half). I also went to my scrap wood and grab a few pieces that I could  make some squares from…

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2) I cut four squares for the top and bottom. The small squares are 6 1/8″, and the large are 7 3/8″, then painted everything white. I used cheap $1 white spray paint for the post and squares.

Note: Don’t worry about getting the white solid if you are going for a rustic look. You just need enough to show through, in the parts you sand down at the end.

diy welcome porch post 14
3) For the sign, I grabbed a fence picket that had broken off my fence and cut it to a good length, then used a brush to slap on some white paint.
diy welcome porch post 13

Tip: Literally…just slap it on. If you want it rustic looking, start with a little paint and try and paint it like a four year old would. Better yet, give it to your four year old to paint. : ) Don’t get it solid and don’t make it even. I use a chip brush for rustic paint jobs like this.

4) Now go over everything (except the sign) in the final color you want your post. I made a black one for my mom, but I made mine this maroon color.

5) For the sign: I used a stencil to paint on Welcome. You can buy a stencil at Hobby Lobby, or you can do like me and make your own.

diy welcome porch post 12

Tip: Instead of using black paint, I actually use an oil base paint pen. This way I don’t have to worry about keeping track of the little insides of the L, O, or E….I can just lay the stencil down and mark a pen’s width along the letter so it automatically leaves the inside bare. …I hope that makes sense. If you want a video to see what I’m trying to explain, just leave me a comment.

6) Now just put it all together. I used three screws to attach the small square first. (A smily face does not add strength, that was just for fun) ; )

diy welcome porch post 11

7) Then attached the big square with my nail gun.

diy welcome porch post 10

8) Flip the post over and repeat for the other side.

9) I purchased a small hook from Home Depot, then screwed it in place.

diy welcome porch post 9
10) To hang the sign, I flipped it over and screwed in two screws then attached some wire.
diy welcome porch post 8

And now I have a welcome post…But I want it a little worn looking…..

diy welcome porch post 7

11) So I took my sanding block and went over everything until I was happy with the look.

diy welcome porch post 6diy welcome porch post 5

Don’t forget to sand the sign as well!

Simple, but a good gift for mothers. : ) This would be a great project for a husband and kids to work on together because of all the easy steps kids could participate in.

Total Cost: $4 (since I had everything but the hook)

I had a reader make a post as a Mother’s Day present then let his two boys decorate it. What a great way to really personalize it!
diy welcome porch post 1

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