Thinking about building your own DIY utensil holder? Check out this easy DIY project where I built a holder for all of my utensils!

I have a stainless steal utensil holder that I use in my kitchen to hold my spoons and such, but because I had to have it sitting in front of my cabinets, it wasted a solid foot of valuable space. So I went ahead and built an easy wooden utensil holder to take it’s place.

Now I have a custom holder that fits perfect in my space while also freeing up some space.

I used 1/2″ plywood for this build.

1) I started with making the body by cutting  a top, a bottom, and two sides. 

Note: I ended up changing the design later and cut a third side. So if you are building this, go ahead and cut three pieces to the same dimension. 

IMG_9931 Markup

2) I don’t really like using pocket holes on 1/2″ material so I decided to use dados, which are just grooves cut where you want to join the wood. So I first marked where I wanted to cut in my dados. 

IMG_9932 Markup

3) I used my tablesaw in order to cut the dados. I would first line the piece up to the blade so that the blade was within my pencil mark, then I would set the fence. Next I ran the piece through once, then grabbed the second identical piece and ran it through once as well. Then I would move the fence over by 1/8″ (how much material my tablesaw blade cuts with each pass) then repeated the steps until all the material was removed from where I marked. 

IMG_9934 IMG_9935 IMG_9936 IMG_9937 4) Next I cut the horizontal dividers that will separate the compartment for the actual utensils. 

IMG_9938 Markup 5) I test fitted everything just to make sure everything worked then gave it two coats of paint before putting it together. 

Note: Don’t paint the dados. 

IMG_9939 IMG_9942 6) To put it together I used glue and my nailer. 

IMG_9947 IMG_99507) Then it was just some wood filler to fill in the nail holes, then a little touch up paint.


IMG_9957 After:

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See you soon!

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