DIY Super Simple Anchor Bracelet

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I originally saw this bracelet online (probably pinterest) about a year ago and instantly loved it because of the anchor.

Here are the very simple instructions on how to make your own:
1) I went to Hobby Lobby and bought an anchor charm for around $2, some small chain that came on a spool for about $6 and also two small rings for $1. (photo below is of one of the small rings)

2) I  opened one of the small rings slightly in order to attach it onto the anchor charm. While the ring was still open I took the loose end of the chain and fed on the very first loop as well, then closed the small ring.

3) Next I laid the charm on top of my wrist, then wrapped the chain around until it came to about the middle of the charm. Then, instead of cutting it there, add on an additional two inches of chain. See instead of buying and using a clasp to keep the bracelet closed, you are creating a loop on the chain and using the charm as a clasp.

4) Cut your chain then take your second small ring and open it up slightly. If you lay your chain out in a line, go about four inches from the top and feed the ring on the chain. Now take the very end of the chain and also feed it on the small ring. Your end product should look like the below.

And that’s it! Super simple, but I love this little thing.

Time: 10 mins
Cost: $10

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