DIY Sliding Laundry Cabinet | How To Hide Your Dirty Laundry

Trying to hide your dirty laundry? Why not build out a DIY sliding laundry cabinet right next to your washer and dryer?!? Check this easy DIY project out!

A few weeks ago I built out my laundry room with new cabinets. During that project, I built a custom cabinet that holds two laundry hampers on a pull-out drawer. That way the hampers inside are hidden when the drawer is closed, but easily accessible by a simple pull of the drawer handle.

This is such a quick and easy build! I love it so much so I wanted to share it. Check out the video to see how it went together.

Sneaky Drawer Plans (+ CNC file!)

Things I Used in This DIY Sliding Laundry Cabinet Project:

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  1. Awesome job April, it turned out great! 😃👍🏻👊🏻 …I love that the laundry is totally hidden.

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