Fun DIY Green Army Man Halloween Costume

Thinking about doing a DIY green army man Halloween costume? Check out this fun DIY project where I made my own green army man costume!

Halloween is one of my favorites and even though I don’t have kids to take trick or treating, my company does let us dress up and have a costume contest. Yeah…I work for some pretty cool people. So last year I went as a drilling rig, and this year I went as a green GI Joe from Toy Story. Check out the photos and the step by step instructions if you are interested in making your own.


 diy green army man halloween costume 5
1) Since I knew I would be painting everything green, I went to Goodwill and looked for anything that would look military once I painted it and found these items…
diy green army man halloween costume 4

WilkerDon’t: The spray paint ended up not liking the black so I had to use another (lighter colored) top in the end. So learn from my mistake and don’t buy black.
I paid $4 for the shirt and pants, then $5 for the shoes and $2 for the belt. Awesome.

2) Next thing I did was hit the Dollar Tree where I purchased a helmet, and grenade, dog tags and binoculars, and a little hand gun.

3) Last stop was Home Depot where I purchased 4 cans of green spray paint!

4) I set everything out and just started spraying. Ignore the wig in the photo below because I ended up not using it and just painted my hair instead.

diy green army man halloween costume 3

5) I grabbed Cody’s Ka-bar but didn’t want to permanently paint the leather so I wrapped it in electrical tape first then gave it a good coating. To attach it to my leg I used duck tape (because it’s wide) and just went through the holster then around my leg. Remember, everything will be painted green in the end, so different material doesn’t matter too much. Plus…it’s just for fun. ; )

diy green army man halloween costume 2
6) Looking at the different army men, I really wanted to be the one with the bazooka. In order to make it, I nabbed a cardboard tube and used a mixture of cardboard, disposable coffee cups, a toilet paper roll and hot glue to make it.
diy green army man halloween costume 1
If you don’t want to add all the extra things, it will still look fine…here is a photo before I added the shoulder rest and end flares.

People will still get what it is but I thought the additions made it look cooler.

7) To make the stand, just stand on some cardboard and trace a shape around your feet then cut and paint.

This costume might look over the top but it was actually super simple….it’s mainly just spray painting.

8) I picked up a tube of green face paint from the Halloween store for $2 and applied it the morning of. After the contest I washed most of it right off with soap and water, then got the remaindered off with face wash.

  • Buy clothes of light colored so the green will have an easy time covering it up. (The jacket I ended up using was baby pink.)
  • The green makeup worked for my face and back of my hands, but I ended up having to use the spray paint for my palms.
  • Paint the clothes a few days before you have to wear them so the smell will have time to die down.
  • I ended up not attaching the foot stand to my feet because we were having a company lunch and I knew I would be walking around a bunch…so I just cut it out and carried it where I wanted to go then would stand on it to pose.
  • If you don’t want to paint your face then look into a green bodysuit/face mask that you can just pull over but still see through.
  • If you don’t want to mess with fabricating a bazooka then just grab a toy gun and paint it green.
Just in case you are curious, I ended up taking 1st. : D woo hoo!
Total Time: 3 hrs
Total Cost: $29

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