Thinking about building your own DIY fruit veggie storage rack? Check out this functional DIY project where I built a rack to store my fruits and veggies!

I have been wanting to make something simple to hold all my fruits and veggies, so I quickly built a very easy wooden storage rack.

Download the veggie rack plans for free!

My boards were already 3 1/2″ wide and I thought that was perfect, so I left them as is. I used my miter saw to cut them to length, but instead of cutting them at a 90 degree angle, I went ahead and put a 20 degree angle on both of the ends, making them 9 3/4″ long.

IMG_0034 Markup

Since I wanted two baskets I cut a total of four. I had some 1/2″ poplar left over from another build so I decided to use that for this project. However, you can purchase a 1 x 6 x 10′ pine board to get one basket.


Next I cut a few thin strips, with my table saw, to make some slats. I made my slats 1 1/8″ wide. Once I had those cut, I used my mitersaw to cut them to length at 14 1/4″. 


With the slats cut to length, I used glue and my brad nailer to attach them. I started with the bottom then moved to the sides. I think these are cool just by themselves!


They would make a cute Easter table decoration…throw some color straw in there and have a place for your kiddo’s eggs to sit. 

IMG_0041 Markup

With those done, I figured out how far apart I needed them to be so that I could still reach everything. I decided on 12 1/2″. So I first cut down a board to 2 1/2″ with my table saw, then cut two lengths of 12 1/2″. Then I used glue and screws to attach the boards to the sides of the baskets.

I went ahead and used four on each side. For a finish I used a raw linseed oil and beeswax polish. Then I filled it full of fruits and veggies then stuck it in my kitchen!


This is a very simple project and only takes a little over an hour, so if you need a fruit/veggie storage rack, try making one yourself instead of buying it! Download the free set of plans here!

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See you soon!

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