It is officially summer time and I’m needing some outdoor chairs. It’s crazy how expensive Adirondack chairs are. So in this video, I am going to show you how you can make your own with a special feature!

diy how to build make a live edge bench 27

What I really love about this design is that it has a folding feature to make it low profile when stowing it away during the winter time.

diy how to build make a live edge bench 26

I’ve created a set of templates to make building this one (or multiples) quick and easy! You can find those here:

I also think a set of these chairs would make a great present for anyone on pretty much any occasion.

If you are interested in outdoor furniture, I also have templates for a porch swing and as well as templates for a rocking chair.

Definitely check out the video for this project for all of the details and the tutorial. You can find that video here:

I hope you have a blast making your own outdoor furniture! I’ll see you on my next project.

Things I Used in This Project:

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  1. Received my templates today, can’t wait to start building but I can’t seem to access the PDF plan file…

  2. A material list would have helped a lot. But still looking forward to making a few of these

  3. I just ordered these templates and the build plans are on the order page. I just clicked the link to download and it has the material list.

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