Thinking about building your own DIY entryway table? Check out this DIY project where I built an entryway table with cheap materials!
So after putting board and batten in my entryway, I decided to build a simple entryway table. Now anybody who has been following my channel knows I think drawers and cabinets are a trap. They sound like a good idea, but in the end they are only good for clutter and junk. So instead of making drawers for my table, I made faux drawer faces.

Here is a video showing the build process:

Note: If you would like to build one, I have a set of DIY entryway table plans available for download!

1) I started with making the legs. I grabbed two 2x4s and first ran them through my table saw to cut off the rounded over edges. By doing this, I end up with a 2×4 that has sharp 90 degrees on the edges.

diy entryway table 29

2) Then I once again ran the 2x4s through my table saw to cut the boards directly in half.

diy entryway table 28

3) I used my miter saw to cut all four legs to length.

4) Next I grabbed a sheet of 3/4″ construction grade plywood that I had, and cut three strips. One of these will be the front, one will be the back, and the third will be cut up to make the sides.

diy entryway table 27

Tip: Any time I go to the hardware store I go and see if they have any cull wood. This is wood that is either a cut off from another customer, or stuff that has a chip in the veneer, or wood that is bowed or warped. Most of the time it’s just junk, but there are plenty of times that I run into great pieces that are sold at a 70% discount so I take them home and just store for future projects. That is where I got this plywood I’m using for this project.

5) I started with making the sides. So I grabbed one of the strips and cut two pieces using my miter saw. Then I brought out my Kreg Pocket Jig and made four pocket holes on each side. Note: Four is really over kill, I would recommend only using two on each side.

diy entryway table 26

6) Then I took my side piece and used my pocket hole clamps to hold it in place while I screwed it down. Then repeated with my second one.

diy entryway table 25diy entryway table 24
diy entryway table 23diy entryway table 22

7) To create a way to have a bottom shelf, I cut two pieces from 3/4″ plywood then drilled a pocket hole on either end. I measured up on each leg and then screwed them in place.

diy entryway table 21diy entryway table 20
Ok now to make the front and back….

8) I grabbed the two other strips that I cut earlier and used my miter saw to cut them to length. Then drilled four pocket holes in both ends. Note: Again, four is overkill, I would recommend two on each end. diy entryway table 19

9) Next I clamped the sides in place and screwed them on.

diy entryway table 18diy entryway table 17

Now to make the top, I had two 1×8 boards that were around 6′ long and I wanted to use them so I wouldn’t have to buy any wood for this project. However, you can just buy a single 1×12 board to make your top and skip this next step! The boards I had were select pine boards which means they don’t have any knots in them, this creates a very clean looking surface but they are a little more expensive. If you are at the hardware store looking for select pine then I believe they are in the trim aisle.

Since my boards were 8″ wide, I could have just cut them to length and glued them together to make the top, but I wasn’t a fan of just a single line running down the middle, so I decided to make the top four pieces first, then glue them together. This was just for aesthetics.

10) I cut four strips using the table saw, then cut each board to length. I glued and clamped them together and let them set up for about an hour.

diy entryway table 16
11) Once the glue was dry, I used my sander to make it nice and flat and smooth.
 diy entryway table 14
12) Then I repeated the steps to create the bottom shelf. (in the below photo I’m just using the project as a work bench while the boards were drying.)
 diy entryway table 13

Now to attach the two surfaces!

WilkerDon’t: It was at this point that I realized I forgot to drill the pocket holes in the front and back pieces that will allow me to attach the top. To fix this I flipped the body upside down and drilled in pocket holes. : ) So learn from my mistake and drill these pocket holes at the same time you drill the side ones. proxy? Vd Wo1Du3Y%2FVBHvDNRmjnI%2FAAAAAAAAFnY%2FLbJ3cpoe9v4%2Fs1600%2FIMG 831313) To attach the top, I laid the top down first (pretty side down) and then flip the body of the table upside down on top of it. Then I took my tape measure around and left an overhang on the front and back, and on the sides. Once the body was right where I wanted it, I screwed it in place.

diy entryway table 12diy entryway table 11

14) I couldn’t attach the bottom shelf by way of pocket holes, so I put the shelf in place and clamped it down. Then I laid the entire unit on it’s back and first drilled a pilot hole and then used two screws.

diy entryway table 10
Here is an updated visual!
diy entryway table 9
15) To make the fake drawers, I grabbed a 1×4 piece of cedar I had and cut three pieces with my miter saw. Note: I used cedar just because I’m using scraps to build this project, but you can use anything that is 3/4″ thick.
diy entryway table 8

16) Then I put a roman ogee router bit in my router and quickly went over the edges. Note: If you don’t have a router, then just leave them square. You could also take some sand paper and go over the edges to take off some of the sharpness.

diy entryway table 7
17) I put the unit on it’s back then smeared glue on the back of the faux faces and stuck them in place. I used paint cans to weight them down as they dried.
diy entryway table 6diy entryway table 5

I grabbed my cut offs and tested out a few colors of stain and decided on Red Mahogany by Varathane for mine.

18) I first used a foam brush and brushed on a thin coat of pre-stain wood conditioner by mixwax. This makes the stain come out a little more even and not as blotchy. I put down a coat then came back with a rag and wiped off the excess. Then I immediately came back with a different foam brush and put on a coat of my stain. I waited five mins then wiped it off.

diy entryway table 4

19) For the body, I came in with a brush and first put on a coat of primer. Then once that was dry, I put on two coats of Antique White by Behr.

diy entryway table 3

Home Stretch!!

20) Only thing left to do was put on some hardware. I went and picked up some simple knobs and first drilled a hole in the center of my faux faces then shoved the long bolt that comes with the knobs through the back and then turned on the knob.

diy entryway table 2diy entryway table 1

And now we have an entryway table.

Building stuff is amazing.

This is a very simple project and I really encourage you to take it on if you are wanting one. If you are new to DIYing/woodworking, then I would simplify this project by using a half sheet of plywood and one 2×4. Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.03.27 PM

I’ve put together a set of entryway table plans that are 8 pages long, that walk you through all the steps to build a table. The plans include a material list, a cut list, and all the dimensions I used.

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