Thinking about building your own DIY dress up station for your girl(s)? Check out this awesome DIY project where I built a dress up station!

One of my best friends asked me to build her little girl a dress up rack to store all her dress up clothes and accessories.

Here is a video on the build process:

The first thing to note is I was not able to get this entire cart from one sheet of plywood so I did use some scraps. However, if you leave off that top shelf assembly then you can build the rest of the cart from just a single sheet.

The baskets were purchased from The Container Store and they measure: 12″ wide x 15 1/4″ deep x 9 1/4″ tall.

Alright lets get going!
1) The first thing I did was cut a bottom that was 45″ x 16″ from my 3/4″ plywood.

2) Then I cut two dress up station 22

3) I clamped both pieces together and then started sketching a shape to decorate the sides. I first drew a straight line 6 1/4″ down from the top then marked center at 8″. Next I used a paint can to make a curve and then free hand the rest, trying to make them match as much as possible. Once I was happy with the shape, I cut them out with my jigsaw (They are still clamped)
diy dress up station 21
diy dress up station 20
4) With the tops done, I moved to the bottom and used my pocket jig to drill five pocket holes. Then I put the sides in place and screwed them down. Note: pay no attention to the holes at the top….that was a mistake on my part.
diy dress up station 19
5) Next was to make a shelf and dividers for the baskets to go. So I cut a shelf at 43 3/4″ x 16″ and two dividers at 16″ x 9 3/4″
diy dress up station 18

6) Before going any further I went ahead and painted everything.

7) Then I once again used my pocket hole jig to drill pockets in all my pieces. (You can see below where I put them) Then I set the dividers in 14 1/8″ and screwed them dress up station 178) I flipped the assembly over and set it in it’s place, then used the remaining pocket holes to attach it. diy dress up station 169) Instead of using those wooden or plastic hole fillers Kreg sells, I decided to use joint compound and it worked great. So I went to all the pocket holes I had created up to this point and dabbed a goop of this stuff in it, then let it dry. Once it was completely dry I later came back and sanded it down smooth. Note: It did take two coats but I’m very pleased with how it filled in those holes and blended in after I painted everything. proxy? hQtmYekSh k%2FVG AtEiRcNI%2FAAAAAAAAGB4%2FRz8zWL SABM%2Fs1600%2FIMG 936910) I bought a 1 1/4″ dowel rod and some pink spray paint. Then I cut my rod to 44 3/4″ and sprayed a few coats of paint on it.

11) While that was drying I drilled a hole for it to go. Since my dowel is 1 1/4″, I grabbed a 1 1/4″ forstner bit and drilled my hole. From the top of the curved side to the center of the hole is 8 1/2″ exactly. Then from left to right, the center of the hole is at 8″.
proxy? A4GOYjyEEvY%2FVG C1NorNrI%2FAAAAAAAAGCY%2F8ad78NaUZog%2Fs1600%2FIMG 9398
12) I put some wood glue in the holes as well as on the end of the dowel then worked it in place.
proxy? geaqHVS81 E%2FVG FvSKp EI%2FAAAAAAAAGC8%2FMbEpjiLK7s8%2Fs1600%2FIMG 9399

Now you could very well stop here! Everything at this point can be made from one sheet of plywood. However…..I wanted to add a few more details.

 13) To make an additional shelf for the top, I cut another shelf at 43 3/4″ x 16″ and drilled pocket dress up station 1514) But before trying to put it in place, I grabbed 1″ of scrap wood and balanced it on the bar. This is going to act as a spacer for this shelf. diy dress up station 1415) Once the shelf was in it’s place, I checked for level across the entire thing then clamped it in place and screwed it down. Then I was able to remove the spacers. diy dress up station 1316) I used the joint compound once again to fill in my pockets. Note: don’t worry about making a mess because this stuff sands so dress up station 12Alright the next step was a little tricky and I don’t recommend a beginner to try it.

17) I wanted a slanted shoe rack so I first cut a piece that was 43 3/4″ x 9″ (the pair of shoes I was given were 9″). Then once it was cut to size, I turned it up on it’s edge and put a 30 degree angle on dress up station 1118) I lined the angle up to the edge of the top shelf then clamped it in place. Then I went through and measured in 1 1/8″ in and drilled a pilot hole before screwing in 1 1/4″ screws to finally attach dress up station 10diy dress up station 919) To create a lip so the shoes won’t fall off, I cut a strip that is 43 3/4″ x 3/4″ then took a 1/4″ round over bit to the front edge and used 1″ nails to attach dress up station 820) Next I started working on the side that will hold jewelry. I first laid out my marks then drilled a hole the size of the knob stem, then just threaded them in. I spaced these out 4″ apart so they fall on 4″, 8″, 12″. Then I went down 5″ to the second row and those fall on 6″ and 10″.diy dress up station 721) For the other side, I wanted something to store hats so I grabbed some 1/2″ dowel rod and gave it a few coats of paint.

22) While that was drying, I laid out my marks for them to go and drilled my holes. I wanted these to be coming out at an angle so I first got the hole started but then used an angle finder as a guide for my drill to make all of these (roughly) the same angle. I started with a small bit and then stepped up three sizes to 1/2″. Note: I can’t tell you the exact angle I used because I just eye balled what I thought looked good. I placed my holes at 5″ and 11″ then spaced the rows out 12 1/2″.diy dress up station 523) Next I cut the dowel rod up using my table saw.proxy? dress up station 424) Then I put them their holes (using a rubber hammer). Just to make things nice and pretty I then went to the inside and first used my ROS to sand down the ends flush, then came back with some paint to conceal them.

25) Last thing to do is put the unit on it’s back and attached some casters. I used 2″ casters here.
diy dress up station 3

Now of course my shop doesn’t make for a great background, but this is a Christmas present so it won’t be in the little girl’s room for another month. ; )

diy dress up station 2diy dress up station 1diy dress up station 23I think little Miss O is going to love this!

Total Cost: $71

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