Thinking about making your own DIY candle stick holders? Check out this easy DIY project where I show you how I made some cool wooden candle stands!

Right, so next on my list of things was to make decorations for my fireplace mantle and the first thing that came to mind was candle stick holders. I browsed around online and saw these
Not only are they pretty, but they would also be super easy to make. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the square sharp design so I decided to keep the concept but tweak the design a little bit.

1) I went to Home Depot and was wondering down the trim aisle when I spotted these wooden decorative leg things. (They say “leg” on the box at the store, but I don’t know what it’s a leg to) Anyways, so I purchased three different sizes then went to the garden section and purchased six ceramic pot saucers.

diy candle stick holders 4

2) These legs have a threaded screw in the bottom of them that I didn’t need, so I took a pair of pliers and held on to it tightly while twisting the leg around until the screw unthreaded.

3) Then, using my hot glue gun, I attached the saucers to the top and bottom.

diy candle stick holders 3

4) Then I spray painted and after they dried, I distressed slightly with sand paper.

diy candle stick holders 2

…..and that’s it. I’m not sure if I should be proud that it was so easy or feel like a cop-out. : D thoughts?

diy candle stick holders 1

Stay tuned – – more mantle decorations to come!

Total Time: 10 mins
Total Cost: $17

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