• Wood wall: check.
  • Stain fireplace brick: check.
  • Decorations for mantle:
Right, so next on my list of things was to make decorations for my fireplace mantle and the first thing that came to mind was candle stick holders. I browsed around online and saw these
Not only are they pretty, but they would also be super easy to make. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the square sharp design so I decided to keep the concept but tweak the design a little bit.

1) I went to Home Depot and was wondering down the trim aisle when I spotted these wooden decorative leg things. (They say “leg” on the box at the store, but I don’t know what it’s a leg to) Anyways, so I purchased three different sizes then went to the garden section and purchased six ceramic pot saucers.

diy candle stick holders 4

2) These legs have a threaded screw in the bottom of them that I didn’t need, so I took a pair of pliers and held on to it tightly while twisting the leg around until the screw unthreaded.

3) Then, using my hot glue gun, I attached the saucers to the top and bottom.

diy candle stick holders 3

4) Then I spray painted and after they dried, I distressed slightly with sand paper.

diy candle stick holders 2

…..and that’s it. I’m not sure if I should be proud that it was so easy or feel like a cop-out. : D thoughts?

diy candle stick holders 1

Stay tuned – – more mantle decorations to come!

Total Time: 10 mins
Total Cost: $17

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