Easy DIY Can Rack Dispenser Rotator 2

Thinking about building your own DIY can rack? Check out this DIY project where I built a can rack that dispenses and rotates your cans!

As I stated in my first can rack post, I still had some wall space to build another one and this time I took pictures! This one is smaller, but the same steps apply for whatever size you need. Ok, here we go…

Here is the (still drying) can rack:

diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 1

1) I took the measurements of the remaining wall space I had in my tiny laundry room. I actually had 19 inches to work with, but it turned out that I only used 14 3/4. See my goal was to put smaller cans like cream of mushroom and cream of chicken in this rack. Since I had the extra room, I went ahead and added another condiment row as well.

2) I measured and cut the back of the rack first, then cut the dividers that would create the rows out of 1/2 plywood. I gave everything a quick sand then after things were smooth, I went through and used my nail gun to stick the dividers in place. You might not be able to see the slight difference, but the far left row is larger and the two right are the smaller ones. Make sure you figure out the layout of the cans before you set your dividers, unless you are only working with one size can.

diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 2

Next I wanted to cut and attach the footer. In order to get the correct depth, I measured the cans diameter and multiplied it by two. Or, you could just lay two cans side by side. : ) Either way, you want one can exposed and one can back between the dividers.

diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 3

It was wedge making time! I was able to find two wedges in my scrap pile from last time, so I only needed one more. Since I have a working table saw now, it turned out to be as simple as turning the blade at a 45 degree angle and pushing a 2×4 through. I nailed them in place and called it great.

diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 4

Eh, prime and paint time. So unfun. I’m thinking of having kids so I can have someone that just primes and paints things…..just kidding….

I’d also let them push the lawn mower.  🙂 ok ok no kid slaves, I got it.

So I primed and painted everything up to this point because next comes putting on the face pieces and why make life more complicated by making painting spaces smaller? While the main body was drying, I went ahead and cut the face pieces then primed those as well. Once everything seemed dry, I brought the nail gun back out and nailed them in place. Just in case you are interested in my numbers, I made the top, bottom, and middle boards 3 inches. Then the right and left end boards 1 1/2.

diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 5
diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 6
diy can rack dispenser rotator part 2 7

I almost forgot about it, but I still needed to cut a board for the footer that would stop the cans. So I cut another 2 inch piece and nailed that one in place as well. After everything was nailed together, I went back with some wood filler and filled in the tiny holes, threw some more paint on it and hung it up on the wall. Well…now I just need to fill her up! : )

photo 6 1

Total Time: 4 hours

Total Cost: $0.51 (since I used my cull sheet plywood)

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  1. Thank you very much for the great how-to! I desperately need these in my outside pantry, where I keep cases of canned goods as well as the case that is in use! This would really help with my storage rotation! Have a great day! I am going to post your blog on my “favorite blogs list” on my blog. Take care and have a great day!

  2. Oh great! I’m glad you find it useful. If you end up making one, please send photos! I would love to see the turn out. Also, if you get stuck and need any help, just let me know.You have a great day as well. Thanks for leaving me a comment!

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