Building My Shop | Roofing and Walls

Thinking about building your own work shop? Check out this DIY project where I added roofing and walls to my new shop building!

Finally! The time has come for me to build my loooong awaited work shop. I’ve spent the past year or so sharing a garage space with my husband. We’ve been getting by reasonably well with a shared garage space but I think we both agree that it’s just about run its course ; )  I began this shop build as a napkin sketch, which turned into a CAD model I built in my computer, and now I’m physically growing it off of the ground from the foundation. After hiring out the slab, I have successfully framed up all of the walls in the first shop building video, set all of the trusses along with building the patio in the second shop building video, and now I’m sharing the experience of how the roofing is applied. Check out the linked video’s and the one down below if you haven’t already to see how it all comes together. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Cheers – April

Things I Used In This Shop Roofing and Walls Project:

Roofing Paper
Slap Stapler
6V Roofing
Trion Drill
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Custom Tool Belt
Framing Nailer
Triton Router
George Vondriska

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